OKM 3D Software Training

OKM 3D Software Training
OKM 3D Software Training
  • Service & Support: for entry-level, experienced and professional detectorists
  • Additional: instructions and practice with OKM 3D software
  • Optional: for OKM customers worldwide
  • Near you: Choose a location or online training
EUR 290,00

plus TVA, frais d'expédition et de douane

+49 3447 4993000

Lun - Ven 9h - 17h

Langues: Deutsch (DE), English (EN), Français (FR)

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Trainings are charged per hour! Additional costs may apply for training sessions outside of the selected location. For special requests please contact your OKM representative!

In addition to the OKM Detector Training, in which you learn how to use your OKM detector efficiently, the OKM 3D Software Training shows you how to optimize and interpret your scans. In preparation for this, you may familiarize yourself with OKM's renowned 3D software by reading the online V3DS Documentation and watching our Tutorials. To dive even deeper into scan analyses and to use the software tailored to your individual search projects, OKM offers this Visualizer 3D Studio software training.

The OKM 3D Software Training aims at OKM detector users of all levels of experience, whether beginners, advanced or professionals. During the individual software training, the OKM expert addresses your wishes and questions, provides you tips and tricks and helps you to improve your chances of success with your OKM detector.

Besides a basic overview of the Visualizer 3D Studio user interface, the OKM expert helps you to understand the software features, the recommended settings tailored to your goals, and shows you how to:

The OKM 3D Software Training is intended for OKM detector users of all levels who want to improve their detecting skills.

  1. Select your preferred Location for your in-person or online meeting.
    Online preferably via Google Meet, alternatively via Zoom or WhatsApp Video Call. Please note that OKM does not cover travel expenses, costs for accommodation, virtual meeting platforms, internet access etc.
  2. Choose the Duration.
    If you realize in the midst of your training session that the scheduled time is not enough, you can extend your stay directly on site.
  3. Proceed to checkout.
    Make sure your email address is correct. In addition, we recommend adding your phone number.
  4. After your purchase, the OKM team reaches out to you to find a date for your personal OKM 3D Software Training.

For the training, we recommend bringing your own OKM detector and notebook with software and your scans. Alternatively, OKM demonstration devices and scan examples by OKM can be used.

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