ePaper OKM Explorer

ePaper OKM Explorer #1 2023
ePaper OKM Explorer #1 2023
  • Digital magazine (ePaper)
  • Exciting cover stories
  • Exclusive insights – more than a product catalog
  • Including detectorist's guides and tutorials
  • Bilingual: English + German
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Exclusive Detectorist's Guide

OKM's new detector magazine OKM Explorer is more than just a product catalog. The bilingual magazine (English and German) offers exclusive insights for those interested in learning more about the manufacturer OKM and professional treasure hunting. Discover what makes OKM special and take a dive into the technologies used in the detection world.

Moreover, with this magazine, we are fulfilling a number of customer wishes that have been shared with us. Besides exciting cover stories, this magazine offers:

This magazine is a digital version (ePaper)!

ePaper OKM Explorer #1 2023
OKM EXPLORER #1/2023 (10 MB)

Detect Deeper: OKM's Unrivaled Depth Performance

ePaper OKM Explorer #1 2023
  • Interview with the Creator of 3D Scan Visualization Dipl.-Inf. Christian Becker
  • Insider Knowhow: 6 Steps Before Excavation
  • 3D Ground Scan Tutorial: Detect Deeper with OKM Detectors
  • V3DS Tutorial: Basics of Scan Analysis
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