Integrating with ChannelSight's Where
to Buy Widget

To get started simply share with us a list of product SKU numbers, the number of markets you wish to include and your preferred Retailers. Our team will do the rest.

Using this info we will import your product catalogue to ChannelSight's system and automatically capture and surface relevant product data from the Retailers of your choosing.
Integrating with ChannelSight's Where to Buy Widget
Widget implementation and Customisation

Widget implementation
and Customisation

Next we can move onto setting up Where To Buy on your website. Once you've confirmed the products, retailers and markets you'd like to focus on, our team will send you a line of code to implement into your website.

We then work with you to design, develop and deploy the Where to Buy experience on your site. The Where to Buy widget can be customised to align with your Brand guidelines and your ideal shopper experience. To optimise conversions you can easily adjust the Retailers and product information within the widget itself e.g. stock level, price & reviews shown to consumers.

Transition consumers from browsing to purchasing

Visitors to your product and product category pages will now see a 'Buy Now' (or a call-to-action of your choosing), making it easy for them to click through to their preferred Retailer to complete their purchase.

Additionally, you'll be able to measure the success of traffic sent to Retailers in actual revenue and see exactly what consumers bought, including competitor or complementary products.
Transition consumers from browsing to purchasing

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