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For each of our metal detectors, 3D ground scanners, ground penetrating radars and geoelectrical instruments we offer extensive detector training. Detector training courses take place in the OKM headquarters in Altenburg, Germany. During the detector training, you have the opportunity to ask your questions at any time, so that our detector experts can respond to your specific wishes and adapt the detector training to your individual needs.

In order to provide an individual detector training with the utmost discretion, we recommend to make an appointment before planning your visit. Our professional trainers and instructors are looking forward to your request.

During the detector training you get to know the components of your metal detector and become familiar with the detector handling. In addition to the theoretical basics of performing a measurement, our professional instructors will also conduct practical ground scans with you. For this purpose, we have a special test field in which various objects have been buried.

OKM Detector Training
Construction of the scan areas: During the construction of the test field, several metallic as well as non-metallic objects have been buried in different depths.
OKM Detector Training
OKM test field: Our test field consists of four areas with different soil conditions to test the functionality of the metal detectors and 3D ground scanners.

Of course, we also focus on three-dimensional graphical data analysis and show you how to detect and identify underground objects. Our detector training courses are planned and realized in a customer-focused manner. We offer basic instructions and detector training sessions for new customers (after buying a metal detector) as well as refresher training and extensive special training for more experienced users.

In addition, our official dealers are regularly given the possibility of a Special Dealer Training at our headquarters in Germany. As a result, our well-trained sales partners can also provide support with the use of metal detectors.

Detector Instruction for Performing Geophysical Measurements

Depending on your requirements, we show you the assembly and setup of your metal detector, 3D ground scanner, ground radar or further geophysical measuring instruments, as well as the theoretical basis for performing a measurement. Our detector trainers explain the individual scanning methods and operating modes of the detector and demonstrate its functionality. In order to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice, we demonstrate a geophysical measurement at the OKM test site.

Afterwards, you get the opportunity to perform your own measurement independently. These practical exercises allow to show users the correct handling of the device (metal detector, 3D ground scanner or any other detector) and to understand the following key factors for best scan results:

Our detector training instructors watch your measurement procedure and point out possible errors during the scan. They are always ready to assist you and offer many useful hints and advice.

Evaluation and Data Analysis of Your Scan

Another important aspect of our detector training courses is the evaluation and analysis of the recorded measurement data. The scan results are displayed on the detector display, on Smartpohone, Tablet or Notebook, depending on the detector. Our detector trainers give you basic information about the installation of the 3D software Visualizer 3D Studio and the drivers and provide helpful advice on successful data transfer.

If necessary, our experts help you to install the software on your own notebook. In addition to the reproducibility of measurement results, you also get to know the use of metal discrimination and depth determination.

Effective Detector Training for Fast Treasure Hunting Results

Experience has shown that successful training provides users the best basis for successful treasure hunts, archaeological investigations and geophysical measurements in the worldwide use. After consulting the detector expert you also have the opportunity to make recordings during the detector training, as well as documentation and notes about the handling of your detector.

After your successful training you get an OKM certificate for the successful participation in our training course. Even after the training, our support team is available for your additional questions.

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