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You are historian, archaeologist or member of an organization, association or institute dedicated to research, excavation and preservation of the history beneath your feet? You are geotechnical surveyor, civil engineer, geologist or speleologist responsible for searching the subsoil for voids? You are member of an NGO, humanitarian organization or relief society aiding people with well building?

As manufacturer of professional geotechnical measuring instruments, OKM German Detectors looks forward to supporting your projects!

Become OKM Testimonial! Get 20% direct discount on your first OKM detector and receive further Cashback for sharing your discovery stories! This way you can get up to 50% of the net retail price refunded. More details

Your Benefits

Become OKM Testimonial and get up to 50% discount
Become OKM Testimonial and have your projects promoted
Become OKM Testimonial and get backlinks
  • Get UP TO 50% REFUNDED
  • Generate MORE ATTENTION: Your project will be shared via OKM newsletter, social media and distributors worldwide
  • Have your LOGO added to our Testimonial banner and receive BACKLINKS to your website / project page

How to Get Cashback

Become OKM Testimonial


Apply and be approved for the program.

Become OKM Testimonial


Accept the quote (get 20% direct discount).

Become OKM Testimonial


Use your OKM detector for your project.

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Take photos and videos while measuring.

Discover more with OKM Detectors


Detect, discover and Share your project with OKM.

Get Cashback


Get 10% Cashback per published OKM Blog post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations, associations, companies, businesses and similar institutions are eligible for the Testimonial Cashback Program.

Fill in our application form, introduce your institution and your project briefly. After successful internal review you will get your Testimonial Quote from us.

Before publishing a story in the OKM Blog, please make sure

  • your project/discovery is published on your own website / project page, this is required for meaningful backlinks.

Moreover, to publish your story in the OKM Blog we need

  • photos (or videos) of the measurement process with the OKM detector and of the excavation,
  • scan files (ideally .v3ds files) and
  • background information.

By submitting these contents, you agree that OKM may publish the content on the website and social media channels.

In your Testimonial Quote you will get an initial 20% direct discount on the net retail price of your first OKM detector.

During the program, for each published blog post OKM refunds 10% of the net retail price. You can send in up to 3 posts to reach the total discount of 50%. With the final Cashback level you will get an additional 20% discount for your next purchase* at OKM.

  • 20% Discount on net retail price (provided in Testimonial Quote)
  • 10% Cashback (based on net retail price) for 1st shared and published story
  • 10% Cashback (based on net retail price) for 2nd shared and published story
  • 10% Cashback (based on net retail price) for 3rd shared and published story + 20% discount* on your next purchase at OKM

Total: 50% discount on net retail price of your first detector

OKM will initiate the refund process as soon as your discovery story is published in the OKM Blog.

Usually, finds and discoveries are published within a few days. However, this may be delayed depending on the quality of the information sent in, as more research requires more time.

For faster publication, we recommend to send ready-to-use texts (approx. 700 words) or as much qualified background information as possible. Don't forget to attach photos, videos and several scan files.

We appreciate the opportunity to report about your company/organization and your projects very much. We look forward to growing with you in a successful collaboration. For blog posts that go beyond the Testimonial Cashback Program, we invite you to benefit from the OKM Treasure Reward Program.

*20% discount on the net retail price, only applicable to OKM detectors. Cannot be cumulated or combined with other discounts and promotions. No cashback.
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